UEHS Scholarship

The UEHS Scholarship exam is intended for the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw, which ranks 8th in the Ranking of Private Universities in Poland. The scholarship covers both undergraduate and graduate levels of education. The exam is organized in Baku by Apply-Uni Study Abroad, the exclusive representative of the university in Azerbaijan. The scholarship is intended for Azerbaijani students. Exam questions cover 2 areas. This includes English and logic questions. First, the language skills of the participants in English are checked, and then their logical thinking. Representatives of the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw also participate in the examination process. The scholarship covers the first year of tuition from 10-100%. A scholarship is offered by the university according to the results obtained by the participants in the exam. The exam is held twice a year. The first exam is held in the spring semester, and the second exam is held in the autumn semester for those who want to apply to the university. The fee for participation in the UEHS Scholarship Exam is 40 Azn. To register, you need an ID card and foreign passport documents.

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